motor car (L1996.22)

This car is Rolls-Royce chassis number 20162, manufactured in the F. H. Royce factory on Cooke Street, Hulme, Manchester, in September 1905. The car was registered as AX148 on 13 January 1906.

Due to the limited demand for the 10-horsepower car by early 1906, it is believed that this car was used by Henry Royce himself pending sale. Royce was a captain in the Motor Volunteer Corps and it is thought that he used AX148 in connection with his duties.

By December 1906, however, Royce had decided to re-body the car as a two-seater phaeton. Barker provided the coachwork and the car was repainted beige. This may have been to make it more attractive to a purchaser, especially as Paris Singer, who purchased the car on 14 December, was known to favour light-coloured cars.

Rolls-Royce purchased the car from Sir John Prestige in 1935 and presented it to the Science Museum in London. AX148 has been on display at MOSI since 1996.


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